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Night WalkNightWalk

Released 3/31/2012

Wind in My MindNight Walk

Released 3/31/2011

Joseph Firecrow - Live DVDFireCrow's First CD

FireCrow's First CDFireCrow's First CD

Released 1996

Wind in My MindWind in My Mind

Cheyenne Nation Cheyenne Nation

Released 2000

Cheyenne Nation received a nomination for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in the category of Best Native American Music Album

Cheyenne NationCheyenne Nation

Legend of the Warrior Legend of the Warrior

Released 2003

Songwriter of the Year, 2004

Legend of the WarriorLegend of the Warrior

Red Beads Red Beads

Released 8/30/2005

Joseph is delighted to be joined by his mother, Elva Stands in Timber

Flutist of the Year, 2006

Ne-me'hota'tse (I Love you)Ne-me'hota'tse (I Love you)

Face The Music cover

Face the Music

Released 3/31/2009 

Artist of the Year, 2010

Flutist of the Year, 2010

Eatin at Joe's

Jim Cockey's "Signature" Jim Cockey's "Signature"

Includes Joseph's performance with the Billings Symphony Orchestra in a moving piece, "Parmly's Dream". The Native American music was co-authored by Joseph.

Best Instrumental Recording

SignatureLonging for Home